Grand Prix Coarse 2021 - GP3: Boddington Reservoir (EN version)

Organizer regulations – GP3 Coarse PAA 2021

Boddington Reservoir





1. The main organizer of the competition is Polish Anglers Association – hereinafter PAA.

2. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations before and during the competition.

3. Interpretation of these Regulations belongs to the organizer.

4. All competitors must be in possession of valid Environment Agency Rod Licence.

5. All GP Coarse 2021 matches will be conducted in the current sanitary regime.

6. The matches will take place in open category, i.e. juniors, seniors and women fish in one category together and compete with each other.

7. The positions will be divided into 3 sectors. 20 anglers in one sector.

8. Sectors will be marked with the letters of the alphabet: A, B, C. 

9. Juniors can participate in competitions from age of 10. Juniors under 16 (inclusive) must be overlooked by a parent or guardian throughout the competition.

10. During the GP3 competition at Boddington Reservoir, these regulations, rules of the fishery and the main rules of the Grand Prix Coarse PAA 2021 will apply.

11. The GP Coarse 2021 competition is an event open to all those willing to take part in them and regardless of citizenship and nationality.

12. Competition dates: 12th September 2021 (see: Chapter II: detailed competition plan).

13. Only members of the Polish Anglers Association can accrue points to the general classification of GP 2021.

14. Anglers who are not members of the PAA club as well as members of the PAA can compete for the prizes (including cash prizes) provided for winning the first, second or third place in this competition.

15. The organizer sets the amount for participation in the competition of the sum of: £30.

16. In the event of an angler resignation from participation in the match, the ticket fee is not refundable. It is possible to enter another competitor on the paid place. This person must be indicated by the angler who bought the ticket.

17. Tickets can only be purchased via the Score Fishing platform:

18. Number of tickets available: 60.

19. The organizer does not provide insurance on the fishery.

20. PAA is not responsible for the equipment or any material losses of competitors.

21. Each participant is obliged to allow taking pictures of him and agrees for the pictures taken during the competition by the organizer, Media Patrons and Sponsors to be published on their Social Media and Websites.

22. During the entire competition, camaraderie and fair play rules apply.

23. Registration for the competition means acceptance of these Regulations.



1. Meeting place: 

Byfield; NN11 6UD.

2. Map:

(pegs from 60 to 100).

3. Car park is very limited, please share cars where possible. Do not park on roadside verges – local police will tow your vehicle away.

4. Date and time of meeting: 12 September (Sunday, 7:00 AM).

The duration of the competition: 5 hours of fishing.

(start fishing: 10:00 AM, end of the competition 3:00 PM). 

5. Competition plan:

12 September 2021 (Sunday):

        • 07:00 – meeting;
        • 07:20 – reading of the rules (*obligatory presence);
        • 07:30 – drawing (*depends on restrictions);
        • 08:00 – setting up on pegs;
        • 09:50 – first signal (you can feed the fish);
        • 10:00 – second signal (start of competition);
        • 15:00 – third signal (end of competition);
        • 15:10 – weighing by weighing committee;
        • 16:40 – announcing the results, decorating winners and prize giving;
        • 17:00 – end of the event.



1. All fish are classified except pike.

2. Fish that are not classifiable must be released immediately.

3. Dead fish will be excluded from weighting.

4. The competition classification includes fish which are hooked between the signals for the start and end of the match.

5. Any fish hooked before the final horn must be landed within 15 minutes from the end of competition or it will be excluded from the final results.

6. Fish that are hooked elsewhere than the mouth are not included in the score and must be released immediately.

7. During GP3, the principle of two keepnets for separating fish applies. First keepnet for all silver fish. Second keepnet for carp. The limit in the keepnet is 50 pounds (50 lb) or 8 carp.

8. Minimum length of the keepnet is 2.5 meters.

9. Keepnets and landing nets must be completely dry before fishing. For this purpose, immediately after going to your peg, place them behind. Put the keepnets into the water no sooner than 15 minutes before the start of the competition.

10. The fishery bailiff may inspect the nets. Competitors whose nets will not be dried may not be allowed to participate in the competition.

11. The weighing of the fish is performed by the weighing committee after the competition.

12. Until the arrival of the weighing committee, the keepnets remain in the water.

13. The competitor is present while weighing by comimitte. All fish to be weighed with official equipment held by the weighting committee only.

14. After weighing, all fish must be released. Competitors who fail to do so will be disqualified.

15. Weighing results will be recorded in weight units expressed in pounds and ounces (LBS / OZ).

16. In the event of a tie between two or more competitors “ex aequo”, they occupy an equal place. The competitor next to the group of competitors classified “ex aequo” is awarded the next place after the number of competitors who overtake him.

17. There will be 3 separate classifications for general results of GP Coarse 2021, Winners of GP3 and the sector winners.


18. PAA club members receive points for the general classification of GP Coarse 2021 according to the GP Coarse 2021 main regulations, i.e. points are awarded according to the weight classification of all club members participating in the competition (sector classification does not apply).


19. The top 3 competitors are the winners with the highest weight of fish among all sectors.

20. Competitors placed in the top 3 in the competition are not considered sector winners.

21. The sector winners are the competitors with the highest position in the sector after the top 3 competitors.


During the competition for registration of results and photos of catches the official marshalls will use modern, special application “Score Fishing”. 

Score Fishing App is the official document by which the competition is being run.  

Details in the Score Fishing App include:

        • Names and surnames of the anglers.
        • Date and time.
        • Peg number.
        • Weight of the catch in pounds and ounces.

Application presentation in the links below:

        • “Total Weight”:

        • Website:



1. Prizes for places taken and sectors won:





Sector 1 WINNER

Sector 2 WINNER

Sector 3 WINNER









In the event of a tie, two or more competitors, the cash prizes for the place are added together and divided evenly between competitors.

2. The winners of the GP3 competition will receive commemorative cups and diplomas.

3. The winners of the competition will receive prizes from our Sponsors (including fishing rod or a reel with an approximate value of £150 – only first place, groundbaits and baits from Teddy Fisher and SolBaits).




1. The competitors may only take a position on designated and prepared platforms.

2. The competitors can not change pegs which they have drawn. Once pegs have been drawn they can not be changed. 

3. The competitor may not move away from an already casted rod further than 10 meters.

4. It is allowed to fish with one rod only using one of the following methods (pole, whip, distance – “English method”, waggler, pellet waggler) or feeder method (method feeder, bomb feeder, classic method and ledgering). Slow-sink is also allowed. Other fishing methods are prohibited.

5. All carp, tench and F1 must be land-netted. No swinging to hand.

6. No fixed or semi-fixed weights or feeders. Elasticated feeders are allowed.

7. Checking the depth and lake ground before the start of the competition can only be done using a plummet or a small weight (olivettes, etc.), up to a maximum of 30 grams (1.05 oz). It is forbidden to use other devices, including: groundbait feeders, method feeders, carp markers, etc.

8. Barbless hooks only.

9. No braid is permitted as hooklength.

10. It is forbidden to use any sonar (e.g. Deeper, Fishfinder or other similar devices).

11. No tins of bait, open or unopened, are permitted at the waterside.

12. The use of portable radios, or any other instrument likely to cause a disturbance or annoyance to other anglers, is not permitted.

13. The competitor is fishing with one fishing rod held in hand or placed on a “support, bank stick” while maintaining constant contact with the fishing rod. The competitor may have any number of rods to be replaced.

14. No tapping the water with the pole tip.

15. Unused groundbaits cannot be emptied into the water or thrown onto the banks after competition.

16. You need to have a hook disgorger.

17. You can use waders and fish from your own platform but at your own risk.

18. The use of Bait-boats and / or Dinghy is not permitted.

19. It is forbidden to light a fire or barbeque.

20. A competitor must strike, play and land his own fish.

21. Competitors are asked to use the toilet located on site.

22. No dogs allowed.

23. No alkohol. 



1. Groundbait limit including clay for the whole competition: 17 liters.

2. Worms limit: 2.5 liters.

3. The amount of a single thrown bait by a competitor is defined as follows:

        • heavy groundbait – groundbait of any size. The heavy groundbait balls not cast after the “allowed to fish” signal (second signal) should be crushed.
        • light groundbait – a mold formed and taken with one hand by a competitor at one time from the container, without pressing on any object (thigh, bucket, etc.). The exception is the bunch of glued white worms. Their portion should be taken from the container with one hand, but the ball can be formed using both hands. The shape of a light groundbait can not be formed before the “allowed to fish” signal (second signal).

4. The following signals apply:

        • the first signal “allowed to feed” – 10 minutes before the start of the competition, after which the competitor may start feeding the fish with heavy groundbait.
        • the second signal “allowed to fish” – means starting the competition. After this signal the competitor starts catching and can only use light groundbait only.
        • the third signal – means the end of the competition. After this signal competitors must stop fishing.

5. It is forbidden to use bait in packaging attached to a string. It is allowed to feed with a container (a cup) from the water placed on the tip of the rod as well as by hand.

6. During the competition it is allowed to use baits of animal or vegetable origin. Baits and groundbaits can be freely dyed or impregnated with additives..

7. It is forbidden to use fish eggs, live or dead fish (also as bait additives).

8. It is forbidden to use artificial lures (including spinning lures, imitation baits: sweetcorn, pellets or worms)..

9. The use of bloodworm and joker is prohibited.

10. The use of nuts and chickpea of any description as bait is prohibited.

11. A competitor from the space designated for him has the right to use at his own discretion, provided that he will not disturb competitors in neighboring positions by throwing groundbait and that he will not artificially extend the shoreline. All activities should be performed by the competitor calmly and with caution.

12. In the case of juniors, the assistance of a guardian or a parent within 30 minutes after the first signal is allowed. Junior must remain under the supervision of a parent or guardian until the end of the competition.



1. Importance.

Disqualification – retirement from a single match or all other eliminations.

2. A competitor is subject to a disqualification if:

        • Does not comply with the rules of the fishery, regulations of the organizer set for the GP Coarse PAA 2021 event or regulations written in this document.
        • Will change the drawned swim.
        • Will break the ban to use groundbait boats or dinghy and other equipment than those indicated by the organizer.
        • The behavior of the player will be inappropriate or unpopular, unworthy of fishing ethics and dignity of fishing or will be against the generally accepted canons of personal culture.
        • The handling of the fish caught will be inhumane.
        • If it deliberately exposes fish to health or life risk.
        • A non-humanitarian approach to flora and fauna.
        • Littering the fishery.


Complaints, protests and offenses must be reported to the organizer during the competition or not later than one hour after the end of the competition. Any other information regarding irregularities or offenses reported in particular in public forums may result in punishment of the publishing person. The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.



1. The main referee of the GP3 competition is the organizer.

2. The organizer prior to the competition will designate two club members who will be present during the verification of points, during weighting.


        • The organiser reserves the right to make an inspection. The organizer records the name and surname of the competitor, the starting number and the exact hour of the inspection in the so-called report if he has found gross violations of the regulations.
        • The organizer has the right to check whether the competitor has: a hook disgorger, appropriate hooks, etc., before and during the competition.
        • The organizer has the right to make photographic documentation of events taking place during the competition. Such documentation will be the basis for resolving all disputable issues.
        • The organizer has the right to take photographic documentation for the purposes of making the relations and reports from the GP in social media.
        • The organizer has the right to decide on the disqualification of the competitor, if this violates the regulations of the competition.


        • All competitors have the right to appeal against the results of the competition or the results of the general classification, if there is a reasonable suspicion of a calculation error, but not later than within 14 days from the date of the end of the competition. The disputed situation will be analyzed by the Board of the PAA and the competition organizer. The appeal against the results (protest) must be made by the competitor via e-mail to the following address:

        • The Board of the PAA together with the organizer make a decision within 14 days from the date of receipt of the protest.


The organizer decision is final.




1. The board of the Polish Anglers Association holds the data: the names of participants and e-mail addresses. PAA does not share this information with anyone else and uses it only for the purpose of publishing the results of the competition in social media or on the PAA club website.

2. If the consent to the publication of the competitor’s name is not granted – the number from the start list will be published.

3. The organizer should be informed about the lack of consent for the publication of the name and surname, otherwise the consent to the publication of this data is deemed to be given. This applies to both the situation of publishing the list of starting competitors in individual competitions and the results.