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    Grand Prix Coarse PAA 2019 (hereinafter: GP) is a series of fishing competitions, which aims to select the best coarse anglers in Polish Anglers Association club.

GP’s organizers in 2019 are the Polish Anglers Association and Barbel Team PL / UK.

The whole cycle consists of ten (10) eliminations on stillwaters, canal and running waters. Six (6) eliminations are carried out by the PAA club, three (3) Barbel Team PL / UK and one (1) elimination will be carried out jointly.

All events are included in the general GP point classification.







  1. The participant in ”GP” must have a valid “Environment Agency Rod License”.
  2. Juniors can participate in competitions from age of 10. Juniors under 16 (inclusive) must be overlooked by a parent or guardian throughout the competition.
  3. All rules of participation, except for the provision referred to in point: 2, chapter: I in these regulations, have the same application for all participants.
  4. Each member of the PAA club can participate in as many GP eliminations as he can (see point 11, chapter: I). The competition is limited by the number of places available.
  5. Participant does not have to be a member of the PAA club, but only members are counted for the general classification and only members of the PAA club can compete for the main prize.
  6. Participants who are not members of the club may compete for prizes in a given event if the organizer provides such prizes.
  7. To register for the competition, you must pay the participation fee, by the date set by organiser.
  8. The organizer sets a fee for participation in each event of the cycle.
  9. The organizer will publish the date and place of the competition.
  10. The organizer will publish the number of places available.
  11. The organizer sets a deadline for signing up for club members. Members of the club have priority to register for the event. The following applies: “first come, first served”; (priority is not given to GP events organized by Barbel Team PL / UK – see point 15, chapter: I).
  12. After the deadline set by the organizer for entries for club members and in case of spaces available, club members can invite their guests, the entries will be open to all interested parties. The following applies: “first come, first served”, until places are exhausted.
  13. In the event of exhaustion of tickets, members of the PAA club can purchase tickets directly from the owner or manager of a fishery, if it is possible and they are available. The organizers should be informed before this procedure. After purchasing the ticket, you must pay a fixed amount of entry to Paypal account belonging to the PAA club (see point 4, chapter IV). Otherwise, the person will not participate in the GP.
  14. If there are no places available, after the registration for PAA club members, it will not be possible to buy tickets for the matches for guests or those who are not the PAA members.
  15. In GP events organized by Barbel Team PL / UK there is no priority for registration for members of the PAA club. Anyone willing to participate in the competition can sign up for them. Each member of the PAA club who will take part in these competitions will be classified in the overall score of the GP. The principle of “first come, first served” rules applies to all interested parties, until the places are exhausted.
  16. All participants of the competition take part and enter the fishery at their own risk. PAA club or Barbel Team PL / UK is not responsible for any injuries, damages, loss of equipment or transport, or any of the item belonging to participant.
  17. Joining the competition means that you accept the GP Coarse 2019 regulations, the relevant rules of the fishery and you must comply with the rules and regulations listed there. Failure to comply with them may result in disqualification.
  18. Participation in the competition means that the participant undertakes to fish in accordance with applicable law and in the spirit of “Fair Play” competition.
  19. The organizer reserves the right not to let enter any of the matches to unsportsmanlike persons or acting against the PAA club, or Barbel Team PL / UK.


APPENDIX: The last competition of the GP 2019 cycle (No. 10) is treated as the final of GP Coarse 2019. Possibility to participate in this competition and priority of the purchase of tickets are given to members of the PAA club from the top twenty in general classification.




  1. The organizer (PAA club management) reserves the right to terminate the GP cycle at any time. In a such situation, the main prize is won by the person who is at this moment leading the general classification. The next places are occupied respectively according to the general classification of GP (see point 2, chapter: III).
  2. The organizer reserves the right to change the dates and places of the competition.
  3. During the competition the rules of the fishery will apply, as well as the rules set by organizer for the given matches, and also the rules set in this document.
  4. The organizers (PAA club and Barbel Team PL / UK) present the regulations for the given competition before the entry and registration of competitors.
  5. Each competitor is obliged to report to the organizer incidents of non-compliance with regulations observed during the competition.
  6. The headquarters supervises the course of the competition and the players compliance with the regulations specified in point 3, chapter II (see also point 1, chapter: V).
  7. All manifestations of (no) camaraderie and failures to comply with all regulations should be reported immediately to the organizer or immediately after the competition, before the results are announced. Glaring failure to comply with the rules of the regulations after considering by the organizer may result in disqualification.
  8. Float fishing is allowed (pole, whip, “English method”, waggler, pellet waggler, “Bolognese method“, stick float) and ground (feeder, method feeder, ledgering – using a lead).
  9. Each participant must have a net for keeping fish in line with the requirements of the fishery. In some matches, the participant must have two nets for keeping fish to separate species: carp and silver fish.
  10. The competition participant must have a landing net compliant with the regulations of the fishery.
  11. The competition participant must have an unhooking mat and a tool for unhooking fish: hook disgorger.
  12. In some competitions, the participant must have a measuring tape. The type of approved measures is specified by the organizer. The measuring tape must be wide with a clearly marked scale and a plastic beginning to which we place the head of a fish caught. The so-called competitive gutter with measuring tape is allowed. The organizer informs about the need to have a measuring tape in the regulations for particular matches.
  13. During the competition there is a strict ban on drinking alcoholic beverages.




  1. Scoring in individual competitions.

a.) Scores are given according to the weight in lbs and oz (pounds and ounces) and in some professions where the “barbel” is scored, the fish’s score (length) is given in centimeters. The measurement of fish can occur in no more than four competitions.

b.) The competition is based on the use of scales with an accuracy of 1 ounce or more. The weighing results will be logged with rounding (in accordance with mathematical rules) up to 1 ounce.

c.) After the competition, the competitor must be present while weighing the fish. Immediately after weighing the fish, the competitor signs the starting card, accepting the weight of the fish caught. The organizer of the competition is responsible for providing the scale in quality, satisfying the proper working conditions of the referees – competition commissions.

d.) For length measurements, points are awarded for the measurement from the head to the tip of the tail fin. Fish mustaches are not measured and are not included in the total fish measurement.

1 centimeter (cm) = 1 point


e.) 20 places are scored in each individual competition.

Points for individual places:

1 20
2 19
3 18
4 17
5 16
6 15
7 14
8 13
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 3
19 2
20 1


f.) In the event of a draw in individual competitions, two or more competitors are decided by the longest (in the case of measurements of fish length). In the event of a further draw, the longest fish decide successively. In the absence of a settlement, the competitors occupy the same place on the podium and receive the same number of points for the general classification of the GP. The next player after the group of competitors classified “ex aequo” is awarded the next place after the number of the competitors ahead of him.

g.) Competitors who have not caught any fish do not receive points for the place. They receive 1 point to the general classification for participation in competitions (see point 2b, chapter: III).

h.) Weighing of fish takes place only in the presence of a scalesman or in some cases in the presence of the fishery’s owner.

i.) Measurement of fish takes place in the presence of a neighbor from the next or previous peg or if this is not possible in the presence of a referee. All participants are obliged to help each other in this matter. Every fish reported must be photographed with a measuring tape and a ticket from the appropriate qualifying event and confirmed by the signature of the neighbor from the peg next to or the referee. Fish should be measured in full centimeters “e.g. fish with a length of 45.3 (cm) – count 46 (cm) – and the fish, which measures 45.9 (cm), also has a count of 46 cm “.

j.) Species included in the scores are given in the rules of the organizer for particular competitions. The fish species counted for the points may vary in each competition.

k.) Dead fish are not weighed and do not count towards scoring.

l.) The table of results in individual competitions will be presented on the PAA website and in social media.

m.) The competitor will be asked before each competition for permission to publish his name in accordance with the applicable provisions of the GDPR:

n.) In case of disagreement, the number from the start list will be published.

2. General GP scoring.

The player receives the following points for the general score:

a.) Points earned for the place occupied.

b.) Points for participation in competitions. Each competitor who will take part in the competition receives 1 point.

c.) A competitor who is not a member of the PAA club is not scored for the place or participation in the competition. Points classification is carried out only for club members. Points are awarded according to the following rule:

Member of the club / guest Place Scored points
Member of the club 1st 20 points (1st place)
Guest 2nd No points earned
Guest 3rd No points earned
Member of the club 4th 19 points (2nd place)
Guest 5th No points earned


d.) The overall classification includes the 8 best performances of the competitor from all 10 eliminations according to the occupied space. If it is not possible to determine which of the competitor’s performances is better according to the occupied space due to the same results in several or two occupations, the second criterion is the total weight of the fish from each matches. In the case of the same weight, one result is discarded. The competition in which the fish are measured, and is one of the better performances due to the place he occupies, the result  is automatically included in the general result in the classification.


“A given player has 4 results, in which he takes first place, 2 results, in which he occupies the third place and 2 results, in which he occupies the fifth place. The general classification includes the first four places, two thirds places and one fifth place. The fifth place will be ranked by the higher weight of fish caught in these two competitions. The worse result is discarded. In the case of the same weight of fish where one result is discarded it is irrelevant which result will be not included in the general scoring “.


e.) In the event of a player’s draw , the positions in individual matches decide. A player with a better balance of occupied places in the 8 best performances takes a higher position. The smaller the number of occupied places, the higher the position in the GP ranking.


  • Competitor I – occupied places: I, I, III, V, VIII, X, XIII, XV  –  Total: 56
  • Competitor II – occupied places: I, I, IV, V, IX, X, XII, XIX –  Total: 61 

Competitor I has a higher position.


f.) In the event of a further draw, the competitor with the better weight score of the fish in his best performance will have the higher position, then in the next best performances, until the settlement.

g.) The general classification table will be presented on the PAA website and in social media.

h.) The competitor will be asked before each competition for permission to publish his name in the general classification table in accordance with the applicable provisions of the GDPR:

i.) In case of disagreement, the number will be published according to the PAA database.




  1. The fees are fixed and do not change until the end of GP 2019.
  2. The organizer provide the financial report from the whole GP cycle and from each individual competition to the club’s treasurer who presents the financial report at the PAA club Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  3. The fee for participation in competitions organized by the PAA club consists of:

a.) Entre fee.

b.) Fees for the available fishery (day ticket, night ticket).

4.  The fee for participation in competitions organized by Barbel Team PL / UK consists of:

a.) Entre fee.

b.) Fees for the available fishery (day ticket, night ticket).

c.) Charges for catering: barbeque.

5.  The contribution fee for each individual competition is:

a.) For members of the PAA club – £5.

b.) For non-members of the PAA club – £10.

6. The fee for a fishery depends on the manager or owner of the fishery. This fee will be indicated in the individual regulations for the given competition. Fees for juniors are also set the fishery management.

7. Catering fee – £5.

8.  A participant who has paid a fee may apply for a refund only if he is unable to take part in the given matches due to fortuitous events and inform the organizer about it at least one week before the start of the competition. The competitor should give the organizer the reason. A competitor who three times will apply for reimbursement for participation without a valid reason will not be admitted to the future matches of GP 2019. The participation fee is not refundable if the competitor does not show up on the competition on a given day or if he fails to inform the organizer about non-participation at least one week before the start of individual competitions.

9.Main prizes are awarded for the first three places occupied in the general classification:


1 £400
2 £250
3 £200




  1. Importance.

Disqualification – retirement from a single match or all other eliminations.

2. A competitor is subject to a disqualification if:

a.) Does not comply with the rules of the fishery, regulations of the organizer for the given competition or regulations written in this document.

b.) Change the randomly selected place in the given competition, unless the change of place is prohibited. The organizer informs about this in the regulations for the given competition.

c.) In the case of permitted change of places, a player who at least twice will be fishing in areas which are not allowed to fish from for the duration of the competition or catches from bridges, moored boats and structures artificially extending the shoreline.

d.) Breaks the wading prohibition unless wading during competition is prohibited. The organizer informs about this in the regulations for the given competition.

e.) It breaks the ban on the use of groundbait boats or pontoons and other equipment than those indicated by the organizer, if their use is prohibited. The organizer informs about this in the regulations for the given competition.

f.) The behavior of the player will be inappropriate or unpopular, unworthy of fishing ethics and dignity of fishing or will be against the generally accepted canons of personal culture.

g.) The handling of the fish caught will be inhumane.

h.) If it deliberately exposes fish to health or life risk.

i.) A non-humanitarian approach flora and fauna . Littering the fishery.


APPENDIX: Complaints, protests and offenses must be reported to the organizer during the competition or not later than one hour after the end of the competition. Any other information regarding irregularities or offenses reported in particular in public forums may result in punishment of the publishing person. The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.




  1. The main referee of all GP PAA 2019 eliminations is the organizer.
  2. The organizer prior to each elimination to GP PAA designates two club members who will be present during the verification of points, photos of competitors who took first, second and third place.

a.) Each participant of the competition at the request of the organizer is required to present the starting card with the all entries of caught fish.

b.) The organizer records the name and surname of the competitor, the starting number and the exact hour of the inspection in the so-called report if he has found gross violations of the regulations.

c.) Any deficiencies during the inspection will be recorded in the report.

d.) The organizer has the right to make photographic documentation of events taking place during the competition. Such documentation will be the basis for resolving all disputable issues.

e.) The organizer has the right to take photographic documentation for the purposes of making the relations and reports from the GP in social media.

f.) The organizer has the right to check if the competitor has a unhooking mat, a proper landing net and fish unhooking devices.

g.) The organizer has the right to decide on the disqualification of the competitor, if this violates the regulations of the competition.

APPENDIX: The organizer’s decision is final.

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